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Posters in Miniature (1896)

Posters in Miniature, with an Introduction by Edward Penfield (New York: R. H. Russell & Son, 1896. Includes this unpublished poster design by Ethel Reed.

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Bagby — Miss Träumerei (1895)

[Photo credit: New York Public Library] Albert Morris Bagby, “Miss Träumerei”: A Weimar Idyl (Boston: Lamson, Wolffe & Co., 1895). Poster.

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Penny Magazine (1896)

Penny Magazine (Philadelphia), April 1896. Poster.

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Le Gallienne — Quest of the Golden Girl [1897]

[Photo credit: Mark Samuels Lasner Collection] Richard Le Gallienne, The Quest of the Golden Girl: A Romance (London and New York: John Lane, 1896). Poster. (Done for the English edition, which was issued in February 1897.)  

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McClure’s Magazine (undated)

 McClure’s Magazine. Poster.

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New Illustrated Magazine (undated)

 The New Illustrated Magazine. Poster The New Illustrated Magazine was the American edition of The English Illustrated Magazine (published December 1896–March 1900).

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Field Flowers (1896)

Field Flowers: Eugene Field Monument Fund Souvenir (1896). Poster.

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