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Talk at the Library of Congress

When The Beautiful Poster Lady was published in the spring of 2013, Mark Dimunation of the Library of Congress asked me to give a talk about Ethel Reed in the Rosenwald Room at the LC. The Library has now released … Continue reading

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Posters in Miniature (1896)

Posters in Miniature, with an Introduction by Edward Penfield (New York: R. H. Russell & Son, 1896. Includes this unpublished poster design by Ethel Reed.

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“Sail a Boat,” St. Nicholas (1895)

 “‘Sail a boat?’ Away they go, and which can spin the longer —oh?” St. Nicholas: An Illustrated Magazine for Young Folks 22 (September 1895): 938. Illustration.

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“Ethel Reed by Herself,” Bookman (1895)

[Detail] J[ames] M[acArthur], “A Chat with Miss Ethel Reed,” The Bookman (New York) 2 (December 1895): 277–81. “Ethel Reed. By herself” (p. 277). [Update, 22 May 2013] Inset into one corner of this illustration is a small photograph of Ethel Reed … Continue reading

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Bagby — Miss Träumerei (1895)

[Photo credit: New York Public Library] Albert Morris Bagby, “Miss Träumerei”: A Weimar Idyl (Boston: Lamson, Wolffe & Co., 1895). Poster.

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“Butterfly Thoughts,” St. Nicholas (1894)

“Butterfly Thoughts,” St. Nicholas: An Illustrated Magazine for Young Folks 21 (June 1894): 669. Illustration.

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“The Work of Miss Ethel Reed,” International Studio (1897)

[Photo credits: John Lehner] “The Work of Miss Ethel Reed.” International Studio 10 (1897): 230-36. These drawings are all described as previously unpublished. [Update, 23 May 2013: The illustrations have now been added.]

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