Smith — Arabella and Araminta Stories (1895)

Arabella 1a

Arabella 2a

Arabella 4a

Arabella 5a

Arabella 6a

Arabella 7a

Arabella 8a

Arabella 9a

Arabella 10a

Arabella 11a

Arabella 12a

Arabella 13a

Arabella 14a

Arabella 15a

Arabella 16a

Arabella 17a

Arabella 18a

Arabella 19a

[Photo credits: John Lehner]


[Photo credit: Library of Congress]

Gertrude Smith, The Arabella and Araminta Stories (Boston: Copeland & Day, 1895).

The cover design,  illustrations, and endpapers are by Ethel Reed. Copeland & Day also issued a large paper edition (fifteen copies) on “Royal Japanese paper,” with the illustrations on six different kinds of paper.

Materials relating to the book (including ER’s illustrations) are in the Gertrude Smith Collection, Princeton University LibraryIndiana University Library has a set of proofs of the illustrations.

[Update] I have now added images of the binding, endpapers, and illustrations.

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