Bolton — The Love-Story of Ursula Wolcott (1895)

[Photo credit: Library of Congress]

Bolton--cover[Photo credit: John Lehner]


[Photo credit: John Lehner]

Charles Knowles Bolton, The Love-Story of Ursula Wolcott: Being a Tale in Verse of the Time of the “Great Revival” in New England (Boston: Lamson, Wolffe & Co., 1895).

Ethel Reed designed the cover, the endpapers, five initials, five illustrations, and a tailpiece.

Digital copy of the book: Internet Archive.

Link to image of illustration: Library of Congress.

[Update] John Lehner has sent a series of pictures of a remarkable association copy of The Love-Story of Ursula Wolcott in his private collection. It was the copy presented by the publisher to Ethel Reed and bears this inscription on a flyleaf: “Miss Ethel Reed | with the compliments | of Lamson, Wolffe, & Co | 6, Beacon Street | Boston | December 11th 1895.” On the half-title is this note in Ethel Reed’s hand: “This being the first copy to come from the press.”

Finally, tipped into the book is this letter from Charles Knowles Bolton:

                                                11 October 1895

Dear Miss Reed,

I went into Lamson’s today and saw Ursula at the spinning wheel. A copy stands before me and a lovelier vision I never saw. It catches the spirit both of the old time & the old illustrations as I never dreamed you would be able to do. It is so simple, so well drawn & so refined that I can hardly say enough in praise of it. Every detail seems the result of conscientious care & thought. The pictures are the best evidence of your future that I have ever seen.

              Ever sincerely yours | Charles Knowles Bolton

Here are some of John Lehner’s photos:

Bolton--Lamson inscription

Bolton--ER inscription

Bolton letter

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